thai fish

this is the most meal-like plate we’ve ever had, and if you wanna eat it to your face, go ahead.  but to be honest, it was conceived to be shared between friends (or strangers i guess, we don’t care).  it’s a branzino whose filets have been grilled and whose carcass has been fried.  fresh mango salad, crunchy noodles, lettuce wrap… it’s gnarly good.  stupid good.  pick it down to the bones.

vegan cannelloni i say!

vegan cannelloni

been on for a minute (give us a break, we have a new baby of a restaurant in chinatown), but hells yeah they’re delicious.  baby zucc wrapped around grilled oyster mushrooms, almond tapenade, roasted tomato and basil. lemon sauce on top. legit vegan grub unless you’re allergic to nuts too.

return of the sushi pizza

this guy! crunchy sushi rice patty, cured trout, wasabi tobiko, yuzu-pepper kewpie mayo, pickled ginger, daikon sprouts.


couple new snacks! *include the above



one of our sous-chefs, a certain cristobal bascunan, is chileno – and this is his empenada chileno.  inside is beef, pork, egg and black olive; and outside is a sauce called pebre, made of scallions, cilantro, chill peppers, tomato, vinegar and garlic.  big flavour in a little parcel on deliciousness.

middle eastern veg skewers

roasted cauliflower, lemon-stuffed olives, dried fig, babaganouj, dukkah, herbs, lemon zest.


shimmy shimmy taro puff

it’s a dim sum item. pastry made with boiled daikon, filled with xo sauce pork. it’s on the specials rotation now so keep an eye out.


fancy special: hotate-wasabi

this was a bit of a play on the more traditional tacowasabi – which you might have seen at your favorite neighbourhood isakaya made with octopus. here we have scallop with daikon, seaweed, wasabi, and finger lime. served with nori sheets.