IMG_1469 this thing is pretty pretty right?  some wakame, some toasted sesame, wilted cukes, miso dressing.  warning: if you aren’t into seaweed, don’t eat the seaweed salad. but you should! it’s delicious and highly nutritious.

latin heat boardthis guy! so good: beef heart antichuchos with aji amarillo (grilled, with yellow pepper sauce), there’s an aguachile (a ceviche, essentially, but slightly spicier than usual and with an avocado sauce, lots of cuke). grilled pineapple salad, fried plantains, purple potato salad.  sure to please, whether the latin heat pours through your veins or not.


canadiana boardthis is a wholllle lotta deliciousness here, bud, repping a lotta different pieces of this great big beautiful country of ours.  candied hot-smoked salmon, pocket tourtiere with rhubarb/raisin jam, ‘caesar salad’ (bibb cup, vodka vinaigrette, roasted tomato with celery salt, poached oyster, cuke strips), portable poutine – and a secret dessert, straight from the nation’s capitol. come and git er! …BUD!


eastern bloc board

replacing the italoboard a couple weeks back was this delightful eastern european themed spread.  first you get a cup of borscht with a rye cracker on top (with beet, potato, dill, sour cream) and then to follow: smoked kielbasa, smoked fish on pumpernickel, cabbage rolls, pierogies and pickles.  come and git’er.


it’s our company xmas party.  peoples is closed too. come monday! or another other day! sorry if this has kinked your plans.



so our miscellaneous snack time board has been replaced by an ethnically specific plate for sharing – and it’s italian to start.  here we have a pizzetta bianca, some of grant and fredo’s crown salumi bresaola, a fritto mist (mixed fried seafood bits) and taleggio arancini.  terroni heads: eat your heart out.

panissethis is the panisse provençale!  the plate has some garlic yogurt, a purée of herbes de provençe, and some delicious olives.  if you call them polenta fries we shall think you to be boorish simpletons, but still bring them to you.  with a bougie smile.  you will enjoy.



thai fish

this is the most meal-like plate we’ve ever had, and if you wanna eat it to your face, go ahead.  but to be honest, it was conceived to be shared between friends (or strangers i guess, we don’t care).  it’s a branzino whose filets have been grilled and whose carcass has been fried.  fresh mango salad, crunchy noodles, lettuce wrap… it’s gnarly good.  stupid good.  pick it down to the bones.

vegan cannelloni i say!

vegan cannelloni

been on for a minute (give us a break, we have a new baby of a restaurant in chinatown), but hells yeah they’re delicious.  baby zucc wrapped around grilled oyster mushrooms, almond tapenade, roasted tomato and basil. lemon sauce on top. legit vegan grub unless you’re allergic to nuts too.