just north of queen street on the east side. this is where the bar is.

we’re open providing snacks and libation from 5pm-2am, seven days a week – except some holidays – but we’ll let you know about that here on the front page.

30 responses to “ABOUT: 181 BATHURST

  1. WTF would you guys know about Korean short ribs?

  2. How about some indian snacks? samosas? stuffed parathas?

  3. Dear John,
    Why are you swearing?
    They know lots about keeping me coming back.
    -sincerely, someone nice than you

  4. I still need to come in and check your place out!

    Looking forward to it.

  5. Read the article in the Toronto Star today and noticed your reference to Allan’s patties. Ever consider serving them at the bar? No utensils required!

    • thanks lauren, but we make everything we serve in-house – including jamaican beef patties that were on our menu until last week. we do keep a small batch around though, so if you’d like to try one make sure to ask your server if it’s possible.

  6. Was there last night and I was absolutely in love! Great beer list – minimal but I know that more will be added as you guys grow. Atmosphere was lively and intimate. Decor was fun! I couldn’t stop looking around and pointing out details to my guest!

    My only regret was having dinner before walking by your place. The menu looked wonderful and when I would see the food itself appear in front of your other patrons, I made a mental note to myself to get it. Had the opportunity to try your chocolate bar and it was delicious! Definitely going back … probably tonight and with a pack of friends.


  7. I am coming with Drummond!!! Looks awesome. Great idea.

  8. I just came back from a quick snack here for the first time.

    Had the Pizza, the Corn dog and the pork belly.

    I’d put the later two in the top 10 things i’ve ever eaten. The pork belly made me cry.

    Should i die in my sleep tonight, i’d die a happy man

  9. I was there last Monday – the food was so unbelievably good that I actually called my Mom and told her all about it afterwards.

  10. This all sounds very cool! Looking forward to a visit soon.


  11. I am coming for a visit tomorrow and is very excited!

  12. Came by for the first time last night with my good girl and we fell in love with your spot, everything tasted amazing and the place had a great vibe. You can count on us spreading the word about sick little place.

  13. If you had wireless Internet I’d drop by for something to eat and drink late night on a regular basis. Night owls in TO are hard pressed (really only one half decent place that’s reliable and they close at midnight most nights) for decent places to eat and get some late night work done.

  14. Just a suggestion but you guys should open earlier. I work at King and Bathurst and have wanted to come by for a long time now but because youre not open during the day I can’t. There are many people in my office who have talked about checking your spot out (office of 200)… You would make a killing from the lunch crowd!

    • thanks for your comment, sean. maybe in the future! but the thing is, lunch is a meal of efficiency – our whole deal is that people come and hang out, spend some time with friends and be social, have a couple cocktails and snacks – take their time. so for the time being, this is the formula we’re sticking with. please come see us (even briefly!) after work one day – i think you’ll see what we mean.

  15. How do you guys know about “midye dolma” ?
    Any of you guys are from Turkey ?

  16. are you open thanksgiving monday?

  17. Heading there tonight for my fathers birthday celebration!!! I can’t wait!! After years of not being able to celebrate with family Because of his constant travels for work i am excited that he’s here in toronto which is now my home and I can give him back something nice, a wonderful evening!! I am so looking forward to it.

  18. Before I head over I want to make sure two thing……. One: kitchen is open ALL THE WAY through to 2am? Everyday? (Because I always get hungry around 12:30am!) and two: Do you have deelish desserts?

    • seven days a week until 2am. and we typically have a single dessert plus cheese. right now it’s an after eight jos. louis.

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