chinatown candy selections.


one of the best things about living close to chinatown is the abundance of bizarre and delicious treats one can procure on any given day for a couple bucks.  i’m starting a feature called ‘miscellaneous by weight’ really soon, which will showcase a strange item of produce that just doesn’t have a name in english  – and this is the flip side of that scary part of those grocery stores.

COCONUT POCKY?!!!!! amazing, like the love child of pretzels and a bounty bar.  and the japanese muscat gummies are next level as well; if you’re unfamiliar, muscat is a desert wine grape, and true to form these gummies taste just like that.  i’ll leave you with the way the kasugai company describes the things (as the photo is too small for you to read it):

“It’s translucent colour so alluring and taste and aroma so mellow, offer admiring feelings of a graceful lady.  Enjoy soft and juicy Kasugai Muscat Gummy”.  now that’s a sales pitch.

One response to “chinatown candy selections.

  1. i love those gummies too!
    there were these creamy white candies we used to eat and they were wrapped in thin rice paper. i dont know what their real name was but we used to call them white rabbits.

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