miscellaneous by weight.


so.  a little while ago, i mentioned i was gonna be starting a little feature called miscellaneous by weight, and low and behold, here it is.  personally (as you can surely tell by now) i’m curious to know all kinds of things about food, and also live close to a slew of chinese grocery stores along spadina avenue.  one of the great things about these grocery stores is that they all have stuff that i’m totally unfamiliar with, so i’m bound to find something interesting to learn about.  ‘miscellaneous by weight’ is how they label these things when there’s really just no describing the thing in english, and it obviously has no english name.  so what the hell is it?  if you know, please be sure to drop a comment on us all, because no one i’ve asked has any idea.  here are some photos of the thing and a description of what i found as it got dismantled:


the husk peels back not unlike a cob of corn’s, but reveals another one inside, complete with….


what the hell?  these weird little seed pod/flower things.  intruiguing.  are those the fruit?


then there were like, four layers of this, like the russian matryoshya dolls, smaller and smaller…


until i just got bored of peeling and went to work slicing.  apparently the thing is sort of artichoke-like once you delve deep.  i tasted all parts of it, and they all had this unfortunate drying effect on my mouth, like some sort of awful chemical.  i’m sure that it needs cooking of some description, so if you know that, please, fill me in as well.  in any case, if it’s currently unnamed in english, i propose it be called the daggerchoke, becuase it made me worry i might die from trying it, and because it looks like a spade of some sort.  anyway, hope someone out there knows what it is.


4 responses to “miscellaneous by weight.

  1. blaow!!!! caketin is a champion.

  2. I like ‘daggerchoke.’ Pure Balderdash.

  3. This is funny.

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