mexico micropost uno/earth shakery, whoa.

so, here we are folks – almost a bloody year since i’ve done my duty and talked about some proper snack action; i’ll explain myself when i have an actual computer to pound on. my plan here and now is to take flicks and post with my phone whenever i find small but noteworthy bits to share. the first: tacos al pastor.

my homie conor joran (a talented cook, formerly of the nose and currently of leopold, cafe du peuple) pointed me in the direction of my current location: puerto escondido, oaxaca, mexico. in any case, he and i ate at tacos al asador yesterday, and he had the pastor – i was intrigued. so while i waited for a flight connection in mexico city today, i decided to try them in the city where they were concieved. the backstory is that they were concieved when lebanese immigrants imported a style of sandwich we in toronto are very familiar with. one article i read theorized that tacos al pastor (meaning ‘sheppard style’) are the original fusion cuisine dish.

the recipe is simple. imagine a shawarna stick covered in pork (mega not-halal, but stay with me here), rubbed in bright red, sweet and smoky guajillo peppers, slowly roasted on the turning stick by open flame, getting moisturized overhead by large, dripping ripe pieces of pineapple. the meat is sliced off thinly (ala shwarma style), laid out on soft tacos, and dressed with the sweet ‘piña’, plus any of eight salsas this particular place had on hand, including a sort of thin guacamole/ tomatillo one that was awesome. i was actually surprised by how slamming these were, being an airport food court, but i’ve spotted at least one street stand here in escobdido that i’ll likely try for comparison tomorrow or the next day. i’ll keep you in the loop.

SIDE NOTE: THERE WAS JUST AN EARTHQUAKE HERE. obviously not too major (nothing seems to have broken) or else this post would never have appeared, but that was seriously freaky. dudes.

2 responses to “mexico micropost uno/earth shakery, whoa.

  1. Mmm. Bring me 5 con poca salsa homie

  2. First thing: glad to hear you touched down safely. Earth-shakery sounds pretty freaky, dude. Really hope thing’s are all Gouda.
    Second thing: those look DELICIOUS.
    Third thing: Glad to see the blog is back on the block! Have fun out there hombre!

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