frites/fromage en grains/sauce brune

ben ouais

i like meat pie, or tourtiere as it’s called in quebec, quite a bit.  however the province’s greatest culinary gift to the world is unarguably poutine.   a lot of places make the audacious claim of the best plate in toronto – and dress them up in all kinds of ridiculous ways, most often with powdered gravy and shredded anonymous cheese, and as bougie as topped with foie and veal demiglaze or bechamel and lobster claws.  just ridiculous.  to me the fries need to chunky with skin, the cheese needs to be in squeaky curd form, and the gravy should be dark and rich.  my honest opinion on the best rendition in our fair city is from the one chip truck furthest towards bay street on the south side of nathan phillips square, in front of city hall.  as you can see above, i like ketchup on mine (which some purists view as sacrilege), and while i don’t make eating this a regular event, it’s definitely one of the best hangover cures i know.  which is why i made the trek over there today.

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