got our licenses all lined up and good to go – a few finishes and dishes to put together – and we’ll have an opening date to tell yall about.  here’s a couple images to give an idea of what we’ve been working on over the last few weeks..

sliced crunch/squish belly in five spice with maple cukes/hoisin/sriracha.

red rocket stripes.

braised burdock, crisp tofu, vietnamese pickles, glass noodles.


the saint ain't merely functional - he's downright proper. we're pleased.

frosty and well deserved.

not at all your average dog. nailed it on batch number two.

5 responses to “GETTING CLOSE!

  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kewl Dewd. Lemme know when you open!

  3. YUUUM!!! You guys are amazing. That crunchy squishy bun needs to be in mah belly!!

  4. Counting the days…..

  5. This looks mighty, mighty interesting. The fresh roll and that mini belly burger looking thing are right up my alley. Arcee and I are coming snacking here for sure!

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