this is our papusa ‘al pastor’.  in case you aren’t familiar, a papusa is a salvadorian corn meal pancake (we’ve consumed them for years at tacos el asador in koreatown), with a very untraditional filling.  al pastor is a mexico city-style pork taco:  the story goes that in the sixties and seventies, lebanese immigrants came and brought along their shwarma spits, which eventually was used to accomodate pre-established mexican dishes.  in this case, pork is marinated with smokey guajillo peppers, and a pineapple is put on top of the spit with layered meat underneath, and as it rotates and cooks, the pineapple’s acids break down proteins and render the meat tender.

we make a similar braise (but with ancho) and stuff it inside the crispy pancake – give it some avocado cream, fresh pineapple and cilantro puree to finish.  boom.

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